American Exeptionalism

American Exeptionalism Lyrics


Mojo Rub



The Beast

The beast on my street
Is killing my sleep
It makes my ears bleed
When it screams
Its lungs out on the street

It only comes out
When it's dark
And it hunts
For its meat
Which could come
From anything
That comes
Within its reach
(fucking beast)

The beast lets loose
Its ugly scream
When it eats and
and it makes a SHRIEK
with every loud
crunch that comes
from its teeth

I want to kill the beast
But I’m weak and afraid
So I’ll just have
To learn to sleep
Under the screams
Of the beast


Blanket of Clouds

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

Meet me at the fountain
by the gothic cathedral.

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

Allow me to buy you
a rusty nail.

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

I can see a blizzard
on the horizon.

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

If it’s too cold
can I stay at your place?

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

A perfect rusty nail
has two parts scotch …

heosan hrim and snaw
halig ge-menged)

… and one part of


My Goodness

Well—my goodness—he loves his pistol.
And it’s a big ol’ pistol
And I know he’d try to
Stick his little corndog in it if’n it’d fit
But even that little corndog o’ his won’t
Fit in the barrel o’ that big ol’ gun.

Well, y’ know, that frustrates ‘im
A little bit and
He’s prone to take it out on
Squirrels and rabbits and cats and dogs
That might come into the yard—
Oh, for Heaven sakes, he shot a little
Colored boy down at the end o’ the block
And some Mexicans and—
Heh heh!

Well, then he started shootin’ at the deputy
And the sheriff ‘imself and then
The SWAT teams and ATF and
Homeland Security and
All them folks!
Heh heh heh!

Oh, my goodness!
And I said, “Honey, why’n’t you let me
Take that there pistol away for just a little
While while you can calm down” and he said:
“Cunt! Get out of my face or
I’m gonna blow your goddamn nose off!”
Heh heh heh heh!

Oh, my goodness!
And so I’ll tell you what I did:
I done got right outta his face!


False Flag

(They’re coming for your guns.)


Old Guy

I'm just an old guy
Trying to act cool.
Epic fail. LOL.

I spit on hipsters,
But then I see
Local kids spit on me.

I tried Viagra
The other day.
Now it won't go away.


Miri It Is Hwile Sumer y-Last

Miri it is hwile summer y-last
With fugoles song
Oc nu neheth windes blast
And weder strong
Ei, ei! What this nicht is long
And ich with wel michel wrong
Soregh and murun and fast


Pine Bush

Pine Bush:
I'm calling you
From the sky!

It's dark up here
And I've been traveling
For a long, long time.

Please welcome me
Into your fields of
Corn and cucumbers
And tomatoes.

I see you've got some
People there
In Adirondack chairs
With fancy binoculars.

(Thank you.)

Hello. I know you can't
See me waving
Back at you.

I'm hungry.
Did you bring me
Any food?

We came from
So far away.

It's great to see ya.

Choom Gang

Did the Choom Gang
Dream of no-knock raids?
Did they use your money
For the police state?

Did the Choom Gang
Hope to kiss the ass
Of the greedy banksters
From Goldman Sachs?

Would the Choom Gang
Shoot a drone at ya
While you visitin your
Relatives in Arabia?

Did the Choom Gang
Use the NSA
To spy on every single person
In the USA?

Did the Choom Gang
Use the government
To keep the money in the hands
Of the one percent?

Did the Choom Gang
Ever wonder if
They could be friends
With a president who smoked
on a spliff?

Before he went to Columbia
Or Harvard Law
Or got elected to the Senate
Of America

He was a Choom Gang
Toker at Punahou
Taking roof hits
On Puna Bud and Kona Gold.

So we voted for hope
And we voted for change
But de man in de White House
Is just more of the same.


Chicken In Your Face

Chicken in your face.
Chicken in your face.
Chicken in your face.
Chicken in your face.


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